ML, SCS, SMP Release v4.33.02, RCU Release v10.31.42

New Features / Changes:

  • Added SCS level prompts and format types (r150 and r300 command).
  • Modified the Alarm Setup -> "Send E-Mail Notification" parameter to be Alarm Setup -> "E-Mail Trigger Count".
  • Added the ability to delay the sending of an email when an alarm is raised. The user can now configure an "E-Mail Trigger Count" parameter that will wait until the alarm has been raised X number of times before sending an email notifying the user of the alarm. Once the email is sent the counter will be reset. Note: The counter is a separate counter from the alarm "Promotion Count" functionality.
  • Added product code to line, sampler batch and sampler reports (API 21.2 requirement).
  • Pressing the +/- key when entering text inputs the '-' (dash) character. For example. in the Preset Product Setup screen, the 'Name' can be 'Preset-001' instead of 'Preset 001'.
  • Updated flash driver to support two new NOR flash parts on the Rev H version of the CPU board. Note: Users with these CPU boards will be unable to downgrade firmware to versions prior to 4.33.02, 4.34.02 (SLATE) and 10.31.42 (RCU).
  • Encrypted all data in the UAP tables on the SD Card. Note: UAP users using firmware version 4.33.02 onward will need to have their UAP data re-queued at least once so they can view UAP table data on their device.
  • Create a new W&M alarm log that will allow users to see alarm events related to W&M level alarms in one place.
  • Created new View W&M Alarms and W&M Alarm Detail screens (use new shortcut 4445 + NEXT to go straight to W&M alarm screen from the idle screen). Users can specify which alarms should be captured by the alarm log by configuring the base level or the promoted level as W&M clear-able. Users can also define a specific additive as W&M controlled which will tell the firmware to log all alarms associated with that additive.
  • Added firmware downgrade prevention for users with Rev H CPU boards. Users will be unable to downgrade firmware to versions prior to 4.33.02, 4.34.02 (SLATE) and 10.31.42 (RCU) if they have a Rev H CPU board.
  • Added NOR Flash information to the Firmware Info screen.
  • Implemented API MPMS 11.3.3 (non-elevated pressure) API calculations:
    • Created two new API table configs: ETH95% and ETH99+%
    • The calculations are implemented according the API MPMS 11.1-2004 standard, with specific values used for the alpha coefficients (specified by MPMS 11.3.3)
    • ETH95% calculations use 0.000603 1/F or 0.001085 1/C for the alpha coefficient (thermal expansion coefficient)
    • ETH99% calculations use 0.000599 1/F or 0.001078 1/C for the alpha coefficient (thermal expansion coefficient)
  • Updated NVRAM1, NVRAM2, NVRAM3 database versions to 3.33.02. Users will lose the following data after an upgrade:
    • User Accounts
    • [SCS ONLY] Sampler batch reports
    • Event logs
    • W&M logs

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix: U203 and U204 could not update BOL for IV, NSV, K-Factor or Meter Factor.
  • Fix: Meter names weren't being saved to .mlc file (U119).
  • Fix: Increased the reports thread size to stop BSOD occurring when running automated monthly sample **** reports - SCS Only
  • Fix: Fixed bug that caused the screen to constantly refresh when ending a sampler batch while the transaction was active - SCS Only
  • Fix: Changed the meter setup screen to only work with SCS. Removed the option to select a preset from this screen.
  • Fix: Bug in the SCS shortcut reports menu didn't display the most recent 'previous' month in the picklist.
  • Fix: Set all the meter factor cal points to 1.0000 if they haven't been initialized.
  • Fix: Removed the gravity flag from API Table 2004_6C because it has no affect on the calculation.
  • Fix: API Table Calculator Screen for Table 04-6C incorrectly displaying the expansion coefficient unit of measurement.
  • Fix: MASS flow rate displayed on the single component status meter screen was wrapping to the next line.
  • Fix: UAP data was misaligned when sending transactions with multiple batches to UAP.
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