ML, SCS, SMP Release v4.33.40

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New Features/Changes:

  • Added support for 3-digit facility codes for 37-bit and 26-bit prox cards
  • Added the ability to reference the last key that was pressed via custom logic
  • Added a diagnostics screen for the NTP client functionality
  • Added a "Max Unprinted Alibi Log Event" parameter that allows users to delay the throwing of a *PRINTER ERR alarm until after a specified number of events occurred without being printed 
    • Note: setting this to zero keeps the existing functionality
  • Removed all PCM parameters and functionality

Bug Fixes:

  • Firmware was not printing the first digit of totalizers on the EOM and EOD reports when the value got bigger than 999999.99
  • Firmware was not sending maintenance requests up to UAP which prevented database tables from being updated
  • Firmware was not displaying the 3rd bay permissive in the alarm setup screen
  • Firmware was using the under additive injection alarm volume parameter in the over additive injection alarm algorithm
  • Fixed the NTP client functionality when the firmware couldn't communicate with a valid NTP server. If the server could not be reached, then the MultiLoad would update the date/time incorrectly
  • Fixed the MultiLoad simulators for RHEL 7 OS
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