Multi Supplier Inventory

edited October 2019 in TMS6 & Flex

Does anyone have experience with multi supplier inventory reports when a supplier (allowed to go negative) goes negative in inventory? Does the report show they are negative and leaves all other suppliers untouched or do their inventory levels decrease as well? Just wondering cause we may run in to that situation.


  • UPDATE: Values go negative with no effect to any other supplier levels.

  • You can define this in TerminalProfile, or by Supplier if you manage suppliers by SupplierCFG records. You can get more granular by configuring tankstock and or tankbottoms. The setting is called "real-time stock" and it lets you manage if a supplier can go negative if they are already negative. Bay code checks this and stops drivers from lifting if configured.

    If a supplier is positive, 0 or null, they can go negative. The feature only prevents a negative stockholder from starting a new transaction to become more negative.

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