2020 User Conference Agenda

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Here is the most recent 2020 User Conference agenda! Take a look and let us know what you think of the new format.

What are some topics you hope are discussed during the Terminal Management Discussion on Day 1? What are some items you hope we hit during the TMS6 Help Desk training on Day 2 and the Multiload training on Day 3? Leave your comments below.

Remember, this agenda is subject to change.



  • Day 1: Intuitive Inventory management with 3rd party supplier situations in TMS7.

    Day 2: If it is absolutely imperative to open a closed folio, what steps need to be taken afterwards (if any) to make sure all other tables are updated accordingly after the folio is re-closed.

    Day 3:

  • @bbaker1987, this is great feedback! Based on your suggestions, @Efrain will address opening a closed folio during the Help Desk training and we will touch upon inventory management within TMS7 during the TMS7 presentation. Keep it coming!

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